The Indian National Culture Center “SITA” & the advertising agency Five Promotion will be organizing its 6th India Day on the 9th-11th August 2019 in Sokolniki Park, which is a Grand festival of Indian culture and celebration of “The Indian Independence Day” in Moscow, Russia.

India Day is an annual event, which last year attracted more than 1.2 million visitors. With media partner Russiya Sivodnaya, TV BRICS &, cultural partner – Ministry of Culture Moscow & Moscow City Government and radio partner Capital FM

The event is very popular with families and young children. The festival will feature a gala concert of Indian and Russian artists, various Indian Bazaar (spices, cosmetics, clothes etc.), Lottery, Live Indian marriage, chess tournament, yoga master class, Indian cooking classes and much more.

Our mission is to honor, promote and engage our beautiful Indian culture and heritage with the locals, foreigners and Indians in Moscow.

India Day Moscow 2019 brings all of you a great opportunity to interact with the Indo-Russian community in Moscow.

The invitations being sent to many Indians and Russians alike from the fields of Arts, Literature, Business, Governors etc.

The event is sure to attract a wide range of audience.

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